Living Wholeheartedly from the Source

Vol overgave leven vanuit de bron. Wat is dat, hoe doe je dat en is dat wel verstandig?

Living full of surrender. To optimally receive from your source and bring happiness into your life, you need a good connection. With the healing we remove blockages that hinder a pure connection with source.

Connection with Your Higher Self and Cooperation between Your Bodies

Verbinding met je hogere zelf. En samenwerking tussen al je lichamen zodat jouw hele systeem werkt aan het behalen van je levensdoelen.

Everyone carries a wealth of knowledge, only there is noise on the line. Often your higher consciousness is 'disconnected' from your consciousness on earth. Through healing we optimize the energy and information flows. So that your whole system starts working together to achieve your life goals.

Resolving Guilt, Shame, and Fear

Resolving Guilt, Shame, and Fear

Guilt, shame, and fear, paralyze you so that you no longer recognize the power within yourself. Healing this creates space to make change in your life.

Releasing Birth Trauma: Energetic Rebirth

Geboortetrauma loslaten: energetische hergeboorte. Via healing doen we de periode van conceptie tot en met geboorte energetisch opnieuw.

Birth trauma, through healing we energetically shift the period from conception to birth. To feeling yourself welcome, acceptance of who you are in essence, and love for yourself.