Je last

From a hard lesson to a driving force: transform your karma. Book full of insights, examples and healing exercises that will help you lighten your load. 

Your karma is baggage you take with you from other lives and what you build up in this life. They are life lessons that keep coming back until they are closed or resolved. Your most important life lessons are related to the wound of your soul that your higher consciousness wants to heal in this life. Your life plan contains calibration points that happen anyway. What you encounter along the way are karma situations. How you deal with them is up to you: learn from them, ignore them, or create extra karma. A common thread in your life is a problem from other lives that you ignore, causing it to manifest again and again. When you are not aware of what karma is and how you build it or close it, you easily create extra karma. With the transition to air energy, everything moves faster, and pain becomes more visible. Where it used to take you several lifetimes to resolve karma, it is now a few years. This allows you to accomplish things quickly, but also to have major setbacks quickly. Especially since you also work out karma that is redundant, not your own, or spurious. This book helps you lighten your load. 

Je last | From a hard lesson to a driving force: transform your karma.

Spiritueel boek Je last

This book:

  • provides insight into karma, its origins and how it is expressed

  • is full of examples of karma situations and elaborations to make it concrete

  • contains healing exercises with which you can reduce your karma and (partially) heal the resulting load

The vivid examples give you an insight into what a healing is and what emerges during healing.

This book has just been launched in Dutch. We will start translating it at the end of the year. Reserve your copy. Get in touch

Contents Je last

Baggage you carry with you

  • What is Karma?
    • The baggage you come to earth with
    • Karma that you create in this life
    • Whose karma is it really? 
  • What Types of Karma are There?  
  • Where Does Karma Come From?
  • How do you carry this with you? 
    • I have no active memory of it  
    • Karma within the family
    • Karma with familiar and unfamiliar people 
  • Is all this really necessary?

Resolve or multiply

  • Do you live from dharma or karma?
  • Small choices, big consequences

Influence of karma in your life

  • How does karma express itself during your life?
  • When does karma manifest?
    • More focus on karma and life lessons
  • By what do you recognize a karma manifestation?

Give it a positive turn

  • How does karma get a positive impact?
  • Heal yourself
    • Starting up a healing
    • Healing exercises with basic techniques  
    • Closing a healing
    • Frequently asked questions
  • Getting Started

The book consists of 144 pages full of short and concise paragraphs that clearly describe the essentials, quotes that make you think, and healing exercises to get started yourself. In short, Je last is a compact book with a huge amount of knowledge and information.

Karma and dharma are terms common to several religions and cultures. This book contains the same terminology. Only it is written from the knowledge and insights that we carry within us and that we think will help you make your life more enjoyable.